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private dining

Included with your dinner is all table settings, plate-ware, silverware, glassware, placemats and napkins and decor. In the kitchen I will use my own cookware that I bring, there is only a need for a working range and plenty of counter space and I will have all I need.

Personal Chef in California

Weekly ongoing dinners for your family in your home. Have me come and take care of dinner duties with all shopping, prep, cooking and clean-up taken care of to ease your schedule.

You can also have me have me set up your refrigerator with local and organic farm sourced ingredients, even have me organize and consult with kitchen planning and general efficiency for your everyday meal planning as a dining-out alternative. I also offer grab & go boxes for easy daily solutions and don’t forget 1 on 1 or group demo’s to learn your way to everyday great habits in the kitchen.

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ojai chef
Weddings ojai

Intimate Boutique Catering with a variety of options for menu themes to choose from. If you like I can assist in arranging coordination with suggestions for local florists, musicians, photographers, rentals and much more.

How It Works

1. Send a basic inquiry and I will return your request with a quote and details about my offerings. (I will respond within 24 hrs) 

2. You will let me know if you like to book the date and I will forward the options for making a small deposit to guarantee the date.

3. I’ll confirm your deposit and forward you a check-list for your dinner.

4. I shop, prep, cook, serve and clean up after the event.

5. You make the final payment before my departure.



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Do you wish to have a better lifestyle without the usual dieting and formulas that you never will keep up with? I can come to your home and walk you through your current habits and then give you my experience with anything from buying, storing, planning and sustaining a lifestyle that includes more than just what you eat. Simple basic routines that allows you to live a productive day - everyday.


Hands-on advice for good habits in the kitchen


Weekly made meals, cooked by me in your kitchen and left for you to eat at any time.



I will offer my experience and knowledge for the purpose of making everyday dishes. We will use seasonal ingredients and make dishes that are not complicated, this so that you can actually make your own meals later on.


1-on 1 or group demo’s for making your own daily meal easier