√ I make recommendations and arrange for pick-up or delivery on request.

√ The client makes all actual purchases of alcoholic beverages according to California law.

√ We are not liable for any alcohol related accidents.



√ A deposit is due on the day of booking your event by either Personal check, Apple Pay, Google Pay,, Square, PayPal or Venmo

√ Deposits for a canceled dinner can be used towards a future dinner.

The original agreement will stand in the case of any changes made less than 72 hrs prior to your event. 

√ Cancelations are to be made by writing me at :

√ Returned check fee is $50, with all further payments to be made in cash or by credit card


 √ (Menus and items may change without notice at any time)



√ I do take out any garbage to your private pick-ip that is located where the event is taking place. This is not usually a problem with smaller events, but something to keep in mind as your regular pick-up might get overloaded, we are otherwise not responsible for the removal of garbage unless a request has been made with Marborg or other company for a possible additional charge. 


√ I will take care of all clean-up prior to leaving, with your kitchen looking shiny and clean.


√ Leftovers, if any are yours to save and will be wrapped up on request, otherwise we will bring them with us.


√ Menu planning, shopping, transportation, cooking, serving and clean-up.

√ It is welcomed if you have a maid or other to help clean, do dishes etc..

√ There might be the need of additional help in the kitchen or the use of servers and bartenders, depending on the size and choice of event, you are welcome to have your own staff be part of your event as well, just let us know and I will work out the details.

√ I handle all necessary rentals such as flatware, china, stemware, silverware, glassware, linen, tables, chairs and food warmers etc. The charges depends    on the quality chosen from the party rental company. We do not charge an additional fee for coordination and delivery of rentals.

√ I do provide flatware, silverware, glassware and napkins for smaller events. Let me know what might be available and I will coordinate accordingly.

Add-on pricing:

Bartender - $70 per hour                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Dishwasher $50 per hour

Server $50 per hour

Cook $60 per hour


Tax may apply with a rate of 8%

Possible set-up & gratuity fees might occur.

All staff is at a six hour minimum requirement per event. (eight hours for weddings)

Holiday rates doubles for additional staff, with a 40% add-on for the chef.



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